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  Notice Regarding Misconduct by Former Employees   

   Ban Choon Marketing Pte. Ltd. hereby announces that we have uncovered allegations of misconduct by former employees.

  After the discovery, an internal investigation was immediately conducted by external solicitors to ascertain the extent of the misconduct and the individuals involved. As a demonstration of our commitment to upholding the highest standards of accountability, we also promptly informed the relevant authority in Singapore of the misconduct. Investigations by the authority is ongoing, and we will continue to cooperate fully. At the same time, we have taken active steps to ensure that the misconduct had ceased and to prevent any recurrence.

   We deeply regret that this situation has arisen and apologise for any concern and inconvenience that this may cause to all concerned.

Please be assured that we take the matter very seriously and any form of misconduct will not be tolerated. We are implementing the necessary measures to protect the interests of our stakeholders and to preserve our corporate value.

    If you have queries about your current orders with us, please contact the specially set up Burson hotline, who will direct your enquiry appropriately.

    The email address is as follows:

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